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Hi All,
Well, this is my first year in a middle school library
and I think I might ask for a "truth in advertising"
disclaimer from my library school. I've spent most of
the year doing original cataloging for books that have
come into my library. For some reason I'm sure I heard
the professors say, "Don't worry, you won't have to do
much of your own cataloging." HA! We do get disks from
vendors, but there are so many books that come through
that need cataloging--book fair selections, donations,
materials sent over by the elementary school that's a
better fit for our library--you name it.
But when I'm doing the cataloging, it doesn't always
fit into a neat little bundle. For instance, the
Chicken Soup books. We got a new one in
today--__Chicken Soup for the Baseball Lover's Soul__.
Most of our Chicken Soup books are in the 158s. I've
noticed that some libraries put this one in the 796s.
How do I decide? Is it just a judgment call on my
part? My thought is, when there's a question about
where to put the book, think about where your patrons
would look for it. Mostly, the girls love the Chicken
Soup books so I could put this one with the others
(158s). But kids who like sports might happen upon
this book if they were browsing the 796s and enjoy
reading it. So I'm inclined to go with the 796s. Is my
rationale correct, or is there a hard and fast
criterion for this?
Another example: We have the book __Living the Life
You Imagine__by Derek Jeter. I'm inclined to put it in
 the 92s as a biography. But the CIP puts it in the
I'm sorry this is so long and I hope that my ignorance
isn't so glaring that you all call the cataloging cops
to revoke my credentials. But I've searched the
archives and am willing to expose my ignorance to all
of you, trusting your good sense and good will to help
me on this.
Note to library students: DON'T take cataloging as a
summer course and DON'T believe them when they tell
you you'll never have to catalog books.
Thanks for your patience.

Jan Birney, Library Media Specialist
Jockey Hollow Middle School
Monroe, Connecticut 06468

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