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We use review journals for two purposes=20
1. to keep us up to date as to what is being published
2.  when we are doing specific subject related  collection development

Building collections is expensive and part of the investment is having =
access to review media.  I can not immagine selecting books and other =
materials without SLJ and Booklist.  The are both very different.

When I have to purchase materials for something new in our curriculum I =
find Horn Book Guide invaluabel.  It is published twice a year, reviewing =
more books for children and young adults than any other journal.  The =
reviews are good with a conservative rating system (ie their highest =
rating is hard to get).  But most of all I value the entensive subject =
index allowing me access to specific books.

A word on BARNESANDNOBLE.COM and AMAZON.COM...  Both include reviews from =
journals.  Both include SLJ and Publishers Weekly.  AMAZON.COM has =
Booklist.  BARNESANDNOBLE.COM covers VOYA Children's Literature, Kirkus =
and Kliatt.  It has more reviews than AMAZON, but AMAZON has more readers' =
comments.  Except for VOYA the reviews do no include ratings.

Raymond W. Barber
Director of Libraries
The William Penn Charter School
300 West School House Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19144
phone:215-844-3460 x144
fax: 215-844-5537

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