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This is an infuriating problem to me in so many ways.  AOL envisions itself
as a sort of "gated community" and is trying to protect its customers from
spam. There is no way to effectively do this without having the unintended
consequence of blocking mail that the person may really want.  Spam is
annoying - there is no doubt about that.  But as soon as we ask a company
for "protection" we give up a certain amount of our rights.  The Post Office
does not filter our "snail mail" - why should we expect our internet
provider to filter our email?  I firmly believe in the power of the delete
key on my own computer.  It always seems to work.

I wonder how may AOL users realize that there is mail that is not getting
through to them?  My hobby is selling antiques on Ebay.  I have a constant
problem with my legitimate communications to my buyers on aol.  AOL blocks
about a third of these emails that I send.  I will often have to use 3
different email accounts to finally get the message through.

Well - that is my rant for the day.  I apologize to the AOL users I may have
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