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Dear Friends,
I had a student come to me for some information that I am having trouble
finding. For his senior project, he is making 2 bicycling outfits--one from
the late 19th century and a modern one. He has found a picture in a book of
George Hendee (1866-1943), a championship bicycle racer and one of the
fathers of motorcycling, in a one-piece bicycling outfit. The picture was
taken around 1888, I think. Anyway, he asked me if I could find out what
that outfit might be made of so he can recreate it. He said it was the only
time he has seen a photo of a one-piece outfit. Anyway, I have come up
blank. Are there any bicycle history enthusiasts out there who may be
familiar with this era in its history? Or does anyone have a bicycling
history book in your collection that would have this info.? I hate to let
this student down. I feel like he came to me because he figures I can find
anything! I have done some searching on the Internet, but have found nothing
this specialized.
Thanks for any help you can offer.

Lois Tabis
Librarian, Sharpsville High School
Sharpsville, PA

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