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Hello LM_NET Colleagues,

I have been recently "taken to task" for our practice of reviewing
(screening) LM_NET messages for those who do not include complete
identification (see below) in their messages. I would like to briefly
explain our reasoning, and why we have the ID requirement.

Why ID? We are a virtual community, not just a message posting service. We
feel there are some basic things that our members want to know about those
who make use of our forum by posting messages. We have asked that those be
included in an ID file included with each message posted.

Since LM_NET is a service that is totally run by volunteers, things don't
always get done immediately and efficiently. Please bear with us. All
messages that are sent for posting are (usually) forwarded to the group
without problems. We get dozens of these each day.

Review is a routine Listserv procedure that we have adopted for LM_NET in order
to filter out unwanted commercial messages, and to assure that abusive or
inappropriate messages are minimized. We also use it to help remind our members
when they do not include identification.

So, if you are on review, either you recently subscribed, resubscribed, or
have previously posted messages without proper ID within the body of the

All new and resubscribed members are set to be automatically be reviewed.  After
they have posted messages which have shown that they either are 1) not a
commercial spammer or 2) have used proper ID, they are set to noreview status.
This means that they are able to post without being reviewed.

Peter Milbury              
Librarian - CA TeleMentor, Chico HS, Chico, CA  Co-owner of LM_NET
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