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Hi Folks,

Yesterday I was introducing some of our staff to the Big6 and during the
conversation I was talking about LM_Net as a wonderful resource.  I
mentioned how you helped me locate the origin of a poem my uncle taught me
as a child.  After the workshop,  one of the teachers came up to me and
wondered if you might be able to help her in a similar quest that she has
not yet been able to accomplish.

I asked her to give me whatever information she had and I would post the
question.  Here it is.  I don't have to wait for a reply to know that many
of you will dig into this request because it's the sort of challenge we
enjoy on this list.  So, I want to thank everyone in advance for your
effort, whether or not the quest ends in success.  Any guidance on how she
should proceed would be appreciated.  Feel free to sent any replies to me
or directly to Louise Kmosko at .


Hi Art,

Thanks for the Big 6 course.  I'm looking forward to using it on our Final
Assessment project.  I'll be in touch after our team talks through their
ideas and we have something solid to start working on.

As I was telling you after class, my mother is coming up on her 80th
birthday and we would love to find any paintings done by her father who
died when she was an infant.  Since she never knew him, it would mean a lot
to her to know him in some small way through his art.  Here is the
background information I've been able to gather so far:

Howard Pease was a painter in Massachusetts until his death in 1922.  His
wife, Lillian Brigham Pease left the paintings in the attic of a neighbor,
Mrs. Curtis, in Rockland Massachusetts, when Howard died and for some
reason she never got them back.  We suspect that she was probably
overwhelmed with the care of the seven children and worries about the
future.  The paintings were mostly landscapes, reportedly colorful.  One
relative thinks that at least one painting may be in a museum in New
Hampshire and another in a college collection, but the whereabouts of the
rest are a mystery.  They could still be in the Curtis family, sold or
given away, or in other museums.

The family was living in Rockland, Massachusetts, when Howard did his last
paintings.  He may also have sold some in the Springfield/Wilbraham area
where he grew up or in the Worster/Westborough area where he lived before
he married Grandma.  He was 20 years older that she was so some of the
paintings may have been done much earlier.

We would be thrilled to see any of the paintings or even photographs of them.

Thanks for passing this quest along to your library sleuths.  Anything they
might be able to uncover would be a thrill.

Louise Kmosko

  Art Wolinsky              
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