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Dear LM_NET Colleagues,

Please be reminded that we cannot post news articles, online books, Web
pages, e-mail messages from other folks, or other material that is under
copyright protection without first obtaining permission from the holder of
the copyright. In that regard, please see the following section of our
LM_NET Etiquette. (Copyright paragraph is at the bottom.)

6. Never post a message to the group which would not be of interest to
   thousands of people. It is considered wasteful of the time of list
   members to be pestered with meaningless (to them) messages which are
   of value only to a small number of people. LM_NET is NOT a newsgroup,
   where people reply to each other routinely posting to the group.

   Please do NOT recommend products, services, or websites unless you
   have personally reviewed or visited them.

   If a vendor asks you to post a commercial endorsement or message on
   their behalf, please check with the moderator forst. Normally, we do
   not allow such postings.

   Copyright considerations: Please do NOT post messages containing
   content which is under copyright. That includes messages that are
   posted to other online groups. Obtain permission first.

Glad to have you with us on LM_NET!

Peter Milbury, Co-Moderator of LM_NET
School Librarian - CA TeleMentor              Chico HS, Chico, CA
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All postings to LM_NET are protected under copyright law.
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