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Hello all:

I have been reading this discussion of SLJ over the last few nights with =
some partial amusement and partial seriousness.  I have finally decided =
to post.  I read SLJ periodically, but got into trouble several years =
ago over one of their book reviews.  It was a short review, with very =
little detail, but the book received an excellent recommendation.  I =
decided to purchase.  I don't remember the book title now, but it was =
completely inappropriate for the recommended age, Gr. 4-7.  Needless to =
say it described and named in detail certain anatomy parts of the male =
and female bodies.  I had to take the book from the collection; I know =
this speaks of censorship, but in this case, I would have been ordered =
to if I had not done it.  Since then I have never used SLJ's reviews, =
and I have learned to read several and not just rely on one.

I am an Associate Editor for Knowledge Quest and I would like to call =
your attention to the latest issue which deals with reading (Reading =
Matters, Jan/Feb 2002).  The networth section deals with a multitude of =
reading resources on the web.  There is information on a variety of =
sites where you can find information on children's literature, online =
texts, author and publisher information, and reviews or review =
newsgroups.  There are so many places now where media specialists can =
find additional review information.  This column details some of these =
and gives some important information on web sites where reading matters! =
 It really is a good read!

Dennis LeLoup, Media Specialist
Sycamore Elementary School
7878 E. Co. Rd. 100 N.
Avon, IN  46123 (KQ)
Associate Editor, Knowledge Quest

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