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I may be venting a little, but I really need some help on a situation here
at our school.  Library is one of three specials (with music and art) that
is provided during the teachers prep time.  We see the students once a week
for 40 minutes.  Here's my problem:

When we have problem students, we cannot send them back to class because the
teacher is on prep.  Now our principal does not want us to send them to the
office - she wants us to handle them inhouse.  I tried to give a couple
students a community slip for not completing a big assignment, but the
principal said I cannot issue one for homework.  (A community slip is lunch
detention that takes away points - when they reach a certain # of points,
there is a suspension).  I asked her what I was suppose to do with them
then.  I took the advice that was floating last year and do not issue grades
for library this year.  Fifteen to twenty minutes (of the 40) of each visit
is for checkout.  That leaves about 20 minutes to do activities.  Some
activities take months to complete.  I do give detention where students come
in over their recess time, but that is for chewing gum, behavior, not
following directions, etc.  I want something more substancial for imcomplete

How do you discipline a child that does not complete assignments if you do
not give grades, cannot give them a detention, and cannot send them out of
the room?  I would love to hear how anyone/everyone else handles this.  The
three specials teachers are going to get together and come up with some
ideas that WE can do - so at least we will all be on the same discipline

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Dawn VanLerberghe
Baraga Area Schools
210 E. Lyons St
Baraga, MI 49908

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