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Hello all,
  This is going to two lists so Kansans please ignore the cross-posting.
I had several requests for both a "hit" on how to filter e-mail with Eudora
on Macs plus several on how to do it with Outlook on a PC so here goes :

  Go to "TOOLS," then down to "MESSAGE RULES" then to either "Mail" or
"Blocked Senders."   "Blocked Senders" allows you to put in the offenders
e-mail address.   "MAIL" will allow you to specify just what you want the
system to do with the offenders (e.g., put it in a specific folder or delete
it from the server) plus it allows you to enter keywords from the subject so
you can just set up a rule that will delete from the server any message that
has words like "viagra", "credit card", "free cash," etc.   You do have to
be careful not to put in words that might come up legitimately like "credit"
by itself because someone on the list might pose a question about school
"credit" or giving "credit" to a source.

EUDORA on MAC - these are the responses as I received them.

Eudora's easy...tho I don't know if you can do it in E. Lite, you can in
full versions:
         Be sure the message header you want to filter is "highlighted"
         Go to "Special"
         then "Make Filter"
         then at top it should show the message you want to filter
         at bottom, you can decide where you want it to go
         click on "transfer to existing box" and click on Trash
         at bottom, click on "make filter"

Look under Special for Make Filter. Tutorial is at:

I used Eudora on Mac for a while. Try the site:  They tend to link to pretty
good info to get you started. Probably have some more advanced features

To block individual addresses pull down the Special Menu and Select make a
filter.  You can also identify potentially offensive messages by the red
pepper rating (1, 2, or 3 peppers) that will appear by message listings in
the column under the red pepper.  But be warned that this is only an
indicator that the message might be offensive.  By the time we got through
with the porn-napping thread on this listserv my In Box was showing 3
peppers fairly regularly.  This feature can be adjusted by pulling down on
the Tools Menu and Selecting options and then selecting Mood Watch.

When I attempted to follow these directions there was no "Make Filter" under
"Special" so I passed the info on to our tech person and lo and behold she
had it on the server so apparently this is a feature on the newer versions
of Eudora so she's going to upgrade the rest of us so we can set our own
filters.   She was most impressed with you all!!!

So my grateful thanks!!!

Joanne Proctor, Librarian
Most Pure Heart of Mary School
Topeka, KS (evenings, weekends, holidays) (school days)

"Librarians: the ones who know"

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