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I think I need to clarify a few things.

First: I don't technically "give" homework unless they cannot finish an
assignment during library time.  This is usually only one or two

Second: The "big" projects that we do are dewey banners (5th grade).  They
are in groups of about three and they must draw four pictures that relate to
their assigned dewey number.  Once they have completed the drawings, then
they cut out magazine pictures that relate to that same dewey number.  Once
that is completed they glue the pictures to their banner.  It is a big
project because you only have about 20 minutes a week to work on this.  Most
of them enjoy doing this and they are displayed in the library for a year.
We take a couple of days(weeks) to scan the books for interesting things
that are in their dewey number, then we spend a few days(weeks) drawing the
pictures and a few more cutting out magazine pics.

   Another big project I do is with the 6th grade.  Instead of me teaching
things like: encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, almanac, etc., I have the
students break into groups and "teach" the rest of the class.  Again, most
of the students enjoy this, but it does take time.  They are required to
explain how to use their particular resource and create and activity to go
along with it.  They usually create a game w/ prizes for the activity.  I
takes about 4 to 5 library visits to create them and then about 6 to 7
library visits to present their resource.  We usually can only get through
one presentation a library time with allowing checkout time as well.

The problem that I am describing is usually only one or two students/groups
per grade.  There is actually only a problem with 5th and 6th grade.  My
main frustration is the backing by the principal and what I am suppose to do
to discipline these students without taking away time with the other 20+
students.  It really doesn't have to do with library as much as with the
backing we get "as specials."  The art teacher and music teacher have
shorter lessons, but they are having similar problems with just a few
students and cannot send them back to class, to the office, and they cannot
give them detention unless it is before school or after because of the high
school classes they teach.  At least I can give lunch/recess detentions.

I hope this helps clarify my/our situation.

Dawn VanLerberghe
Baraga Area Schools

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