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Thanks to everyone who responded to my question about 3rd grade books on
stealing.  After one storytime session with the class in question, missing
snack suddenly began to reappear!  Thanks for your help!

<<< There's a wonderful chapter in _All About Sam_ by Lois Lowry where
Sam takes a pack of gum from the supermarket.  He feels so badly about
it that he starts to cry.  He and his mom then return to the market,
apologize to the manager, pay for the gum and then throw the gum away.
That is when the day turns good again.  Although Sam is about four years
old in the story, the kids are glued to this chapter.  You  would be
surprised at how the kids gasp when the part about throwing the gum away
comes up.  They think because the gum was paid for he should keep it.
It's a wonderful vehicle for discussions.>>>

<<<There is a story about Adam Joshua (by Smith) who steals his favorite
superman book from the library.  Everyone was waiting for this book which was
missing.  He just wanted to draw the book himself so he would have it.
There is also Dear Mr. Henshaw.  He gets his lunch stolen because his mother
is a caterer.>>>

<<<It's been a long time since I have read it but I still remember the book.
Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary, the main character, his name escapes me
right now, puts an alarm on his lunchbox.  His mom is a caterer and puts
great food in his lunches.  But, alas, someone is stealing his good food.  It
goes off at the wrong time.  I think it would be a good discussion starter.>>>

<<<In answer to your question about a book involving stealing.  I have read the
book Cages to my 4th and 5th grade classes before.  It is a novel about a
young girl who steals a braclet out of frustration and the consequences
afterward.  I think the author's last name is Kehret or something like that.>>>

<<<Tangles(don't know the author,I'm at home)>>>

<<<You might have the teacher read "It"  Maybe the child is really hungry.>>>

<<<Arnie and the Stolen Markers.>>>

<<<There is a book called "Let's Talk about Stealing" by Joy Berry.

The only picture book we have under stealing is "The Easter Bunny Gang"
by Baer.>>>

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