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I just had an older lady call me at my public library.  She had a video at home 
that we had reserved for her from a different library.  It failed half way through, 
and she wanted a different copy of the same video (learning Spanish).  Anyway, 
there are about 200 videos on learning spanish in our clevnet system, and I do not 
have access to patron records to see what she has checked out.  Although she had 
the video in her hand, she was unable to tell me the correct title, bar code, isbn, 
or library card number.

So, I put her on hold walked to circ, and found out her number, and the correct 
item she has, came back to reference and ordered her a new copy.  Then she 
proceeded to ask me about videos she has on reserve, many of which are not owned or 
even out yet, usually getting the names incorrect, but each time insisting that her 
version is correct.

Then she proceeded to ask about the availability of other movies she has seen 
previewed on other videos.  One of these was "Love's Labors Lust."  I wanted to ask 
if she also wanted Romeo does Juliet or A Midsummer Nights Orgy.

When I suggested it may be Shakespeare's Love's Labours Lost, she was quite 
insistant she was correct.

Then she treated me to a detailed history of every movie she has ever seen, her 
opinion of it and then every library material that she has ever borrowed that was 
broken, poorly bound, damaged, etc.  I was on with her over an hour.

I swear, if my husband or kid asks me one single question tonight, I'll lose it.

Dawn Sardes
YA Librarian

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