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For those using AR, I would check any documentation with and in
the program, especially the part dealing with adding your own
tests.  There may be a section stating  that any tests added using
their software belong to them.

Dan Robinson
HW Wilson Company
Bronx, NY

On 15 Mar 02, at 18:53, Joni Rathbun wrote:

> On Fri, 15 Mar 2002, Gail Smith wrote:
> > on 3/15/02 5:01 PM, Carol Kotsch at FJCL1@AOL.COM wrote:
> >
> > > I went ahead and contacted Renassanice Learning and they emphatically said it
> > > would be a copyright violation to share teacher/volunteer-made tests with
> > > other schools.  Sigh.
> > >
> > While I can understand that Renaissance Learning would want to discourage
> > people from sharing tests that they made, whether giving or selling, I
> > wonder how it could actually be a copyright violation.  The program itself
> > is their intellectual property, but since it comes with the capability to
> > add other tests, they cannot prohibit that.  Since they had nothing to do
> > with the volunteer-made tests, they cannot claim any ownership of that
> > intellectual property. Why would it violate copyright to use a built in
> > feature of the program to load tests that you have purchased from or been
> > given by the person who made them, even if unaffiliated with Renaissance
> > Learning?  Obviously, it would be easiest to get them in digital form, but
> > surely Renaissance Learning could not prohibit sharing in print format that
> > you could then enter yourself????
> >
> These were my thoughts. I would not accept RL's word as the last word
> on this issue but would investigate further.

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