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Below are the excellent suggestions, examples, and sites for web policies
that some schools have developed.  Many thanks to those of you who sent
information.  We will be using some of your good ideas (with permission, of
course! :)


We too are beginning our website and needed policies to work from.
We are using, with permission, the guidelines developed by St. John's School
District in Florida

It's very clear and concise. Good luck.
Here is a link to our district's policy:

We have had a district website for nearly 8 years and I've had much
experience working with it. Three areas are dependent on each other and must
be determined ahead of time. Deciding how the website is set up and managed
determines how the physical server is structured and who has access to which
files and what kind of software and training are needed. All this has
nothing to do with the appearance of the webpages, and in fact, the design
of the pages should be determined from the other side--from user need and
not from organization or website structure.

The server structure was implemented with and is maintained by our Computer
Network Administrator. Each school and department has its own directory
(folder) on the server with its own user ID and PW. We use a three-letter
designation for each school and department (based on other network
abbreviations) and each user ID is xxxweb (where the xxx is the three-letter
designation) and the NetAdmin-created password lasts for 6-months.

The CFB Webpage Standards & Guidelines were developed very early to cover
every area of our web presence, and are based on recommendations from the
Department of Education. We have updated them twice since then, and they are
due to be updated again next school year. They fully explain our policies,
so I am including them for your review:
Our Public Information Officer controls the main district site with the
assistance of a professional webdesign company. Each school and department
controls its own pages, with webmasters who are school/dept employees
designated by principals and dept heads. A new webmaster must attend a
2-part training session to receive their password, which assures a minimum
level of expertise and understanding among WMs. I do that training.

In addition, we have a non-public website that provides information on every
aspect of web design, architecture, presentation and maintenance. I am the
WM for that site and if you would like more information about what is on
there, please let me know. In fact, if you have any additional questions, I
would be most happy to help.

(There was an attachment with this one which I can send if you contact me.


Dear Kondra
For a university assignment last month, I wrote a draft policy for our
school website and, after a lot of searching, I found that the very best
site to use as a guide for the sorts of issues that needed to be addressed
was the Queensland (Australia) Department of Education's site at
which you could adapt to meet your particular circumstances.

In Australia, we do not have local school districts as such, but a
state-based education department and Queensland has to be at the global
forefront of education, so it really has authenticity and credibility.  The
only thing that I would add to what they offer is that the first thing you
do is identify the purpose of your site; it's audience and their needs and
then prioritise those.  Not only does that you give you the rationale for
what should be included (and excluded) it also gives you a pathway of
development and a timeframe.

I can see a very real place for having staff, students and parents involved
in the process insofar as they tell you what they would like to see/be able
to access/ use on the website.  That would give you valuable information and
provide the evidence for the timeline that you establish.

Kia ora


These are the guidelines that we must follow.  This is for all Dept. of
Defense Schools.

Konda Wightman
Library Media Coordinator
Bismarck Public Schools

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