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On Sat, 16 Mar 2002, Susan Pengelly wrote:
> I will be changing my e-mail address, what procedure do I need to do to
> notify you of the change and still keep my mail from listserv coming?

We recommend that you sign off using your existing e-mail address, then
resubscribe as soon as you get your new e-mail.

In the event that you want to quit/sign off from LM_NET....
  1.  Send these words in the first (and only) line of a message:
      signoff lm_net
                     *Please do not include any other words in the
                      message, including signature files!

  2.  Send your signoff message to:
                      and you will be dropped.
                      (No other words are necessary.)

Listserv has built in a response confirmation system for signoff requests,
so please allow time to reply to the automated message that you will
receive very soon after requesting to sign off!

  P L E A S E do _NOT_ send the signoff message to LM_NET. It will go to
14,000+ members of the discussion group, creating ill will and
consternation among our happy members.
  Send it ONLY to:

  If you are unable to sign-off alone, contact me directly, and ask me to
remove you ( and I will do it as soon as it is
humanly possible.

   It is easy to re-subscribe to LM_NET.  If you follow the instructions
below, you should not have any trouble joining.  (Tip: be sure to type the
address _exactly_ as shown.) Please let me know if you need any more

1.  Send an e-mail message to:

2.  In the first line of the message, type:

    SUBSCRIBE LM_NET Firstname Lastname

    (Of course, you would substitute your actual name for Firstname
     Lastname in the line, such as

       "SUBSCRIBE LM_NET Joan Doe"    (No quotes necessary.)

   The way LM_NET is handling requests for membership is being handled
   automatically by the Syracuse University listserv computer and software.
   The LM_NET listserv computer will respond with an informative message,
   which will ask you for a confirmation.  You will then be added if you
   properly follow the directions (which are pretty easy.)

Peter Milbury, Co-Moderator of LM_NET
School Librarian - CA TeleMentor              Chico HS, Chico, CA
Now With 14,000+ Members      See:
          See also: Peter Milbury's School Librarian Web Pages

All postings to LM_NET are protected under copyright law.
To quit LM_NET (or set-reset NOMAIL or DIGEST, etc.) send email to:   In the message write EITHER:
4) SET LM_NET MAIL  * Please allow for confirmation from Listserv.
For LM_NET Help see:
 See also EL-Announce for announcements from library media vendors:

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