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At 10:58 AM 3/19/2002 -0500, J'aime Foust wrote:
>Susan Grigsby wrote on the idea of collaboration for grading between =
>teachers and librarians in secondary schools and I'd like to add my .02.  =
>This year we expanded our Freshman Library Orientation to include print =
>sources (English classes), databases (Social Studies) and internet =
>searches (Science).  In order for students to take it seriously, it needed =
>to be graded, but I didn't feel it was fair to put the whole burden on the =
>teachers who grade enough papers as it is!  So I graded 3 of 4 parts =
>(sources, works cited) and the teacher graded the short report.  It's =
>working out well so far - I've had almost 100% participation (don't ask =
>how - I think it's a fluke) and the students groan every time they see me. =
>  Ah, the sweet sound of success ...

By all means if we are part of a teaching team that is completing an
assignment that involves library skills and usage, it should be clear to
the students that we will be contributing to their grade on the
assignment.  The final grade for the project will be given by the classroom
teacher.  This will in the end probably amount to less than 10% of a term
grade in the subject area.  This is far different from what the original
postings were about.  At the elementary and middle school levels far too
many of us are required to provide weekly baby-sitting service so the
teachers can get 40-45 min. of prep time.  This is also the only time that
the kids have access to the library for book exchange.  We see every kid in
school every week, but for only a 20 min. lesson.  In a school of 750 kids,
I am not going to grade papers and record grades for every kid every week
in order to calculate a quarterly grade for each kid.  Particularly when I
get no more "prep time" without assigned classes than does the classroom
teacher and I have a library to run.  As my night custodians observed, I am
already doing two jobs for the price of one.

Dorothy E. Tissair, M.L.S.
Library Media Specialist
Old Saybrook, CT  06475

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