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I am trying to find books that was read in the mid60s or early 70s.

1.  Main character is a gypsy who is given a scholarship? to a college.  She
does not fit in until she finds that she has knowledge of biology.  Also, we
think that their was a mystery with one of the other students stealing in
the dorm and the gypsy girl being blamed.

2.  Main character is a gypsy (again.) who is sent to stay with a non-gypsy.
Main Character is young--10 to maybe 15.  The latter half of the book the
grandmother?? has a gypsy wagon built for the girl on the edge of the woods.
The girl becomes friends with several in the neighborhood.  When given a
chance she decides to stay with the grandmother?.

3.  A Huguenot is sent to America.  She has to keep secret who she is.  She
is sent to work as a servant girl in a puritan home.  The mother is very
strict.  There is another servant girl.  The H. girl makes soap that has
floral scents.  She starts a new trend in tying the handkerchief.

4.  This could be the same as #3.  It is not certain.  The main character
comes to live with a family.  She learns to spin and weave.  She wins a
contest because of the elaborate design woven into cloth that she made into
a dress.  Setting: Puritan America--New England.

Thank you for your help.
JaKay Greer, Teacher-Librarian
Powell Valley Elementary K-5
Kelly Creek Elementary K-5
Gresham, OR

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