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Note: This was forwarded to me by a (non-librarian) friend, who said it was sent to 
him by a fellow Trekkie.  I have no idea where this anecdote originated:
Last weekend we had ice and snow, and our children's librarian had to reschedule a 
Dr. Seuss Read Across America program to
this next Saturday.  There was a community group called KLAS booked into our large 
meeting room for next Saturday, but their booking sheet indicated they expected 
only ten people to attend, so the librarian called the KLAS contact person to ask 
if she could move them into a small meeting room so she could have the large room 
for her 100+ kiddies.

This was their phone conversation:

KLAS contact:  Well, I don't know if I have the authority to make that decision 
about switching rooms.  I am only the communications officer. I will have to talk 
with my captain.

Librarian:  Your captain?  What kind of a community group is KLAS?

KLAS comm. officer:  Why, we're the Klingons.

Librarian:  Well, do you anticipate adding a dozen or more Klingons to your 
federation between now and next Saturday?  If not, you will fit into the small 
meeting room.  Unless you are going to have one of those blood battles with big 

KLAS comm. officer:  I guess it will be all right to switch.

Librarian:  Thank you so much.  This really helps me out.

KLAS comm. officer:  No problem.  I'm really a fan of Dr. Seuss's books. I used to 
read them to my children all the time when they were little. They are so much 
better than this terrible Harry Potter stuff that forces magic on children.

Librarian (unable to restrain herself):  How can you say that about Harry Potter?  
You belong to a Klingon organization!

KLAS comm. officer:  Harry Potter is about MAGIC!  WE are about

Alice Yucht, Teacher-Librarian
Heritage Middle School, Livingston NJ
websites *still* under reconstruction:


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