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Sorry I'm so late in posting this. Things have been busy!

A short walk around the pyramids and through the world of art / Isaacson
Buckskin & buffalo: the artistry of the Plains Indians / Taylor, Colin
The 20th-century art book [some treatments of nudes include "harsh, visceral
and explicit imagery"]
Beginner's guide to art (wide time span and range of nations)
Investigating modern art
Leonardo da Vinci (D-K art book)
The annotated Mona Lisa: a crash course in art... / Strickland
Modern art: Impressionism to Post-modernism
The Renaissance / Alison Cole (D-K Eyewitness art)
Art and life in America / Larkin c.1960
The story of art / Gombrich
A guide to art (14th century to present day) / Sproccati
Great paintings of the old American West / Broder
The books in Bernard Evslin's series Monsters of mythology include wonderful
examples of art from ancient times to the 20th century.  Titles include
Medusa, The minotaur, Ladon, and several more.
I never saw another butterfly : children's drawings and poems from Terezin
Concentration Camp....

Indexes mostly seemed to list artists and sometimes paintings, not subjects
of paintings.

We added a really nice one last year called _Art: A World History_
published by DK Publishing, 1997, ISBN 0-7894-2382-0. It is organized by
centuries. The index doesn't list by subjects, though.

I also have the privilege(?) of proctoring a distance
Fine Arts telelearning class.  The book that they use
is marvelous.  It is Discovering Art History by Gerald
F. Brommer (Davis Pub., 1997)
We have the Great Aratists of the Western World - Sets I and II published
by Marshall Cavendish.  I do not think you can look for subjects such as
dragons, etc. however.  They do give excellent biographical and period
information as well as illustrations of works.

David Lininger, kb0zke
LMS, Hickory County R-1 Schools
Urbana, MO 65767

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