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First, thanks to anyone who gave me a suggestion. I have listed them all
as there were quite a few. Hope this helps all of the other folks who
asked me to post a hit.
1. has a Dreamweaver book for visual learners
Dreamweaver has a tutorial built into it. (That's what I've used.) Once
you start using Dreamweaver you will wonder how you ever designed without
it. It is so much better than other programs like it.

2. I did  a search for tutorial using Google and this one looked good.

3.Your best bet for dreamweaver tutorials are, frankly, the built-in
tutorials that come with the program.

4. I love using Dreamweaver and have found that it is very intuitive and
easy to use. The manual is pretty handy, but Macromedia also has several
resources and "training" online. I believe that you can download lessons
and tutorials from their site.

5.I just started using it as an interface. I had been using Claris home
page. Forethemost part the instructions are very similar. The only part
that I don't like is Dreamweaver uses the web for their help. So when you click
on help you are taken to their web page. One other trick is when one is
pasting in a website address you have to use keystrokes not the dropdown
paste option. For some reason the drop down paste option doesn't work. Maybe in
the next version that will be fixed. Good luck.  I created a very simple
web page first while I was learning Dreamweaver.

6.Buy the book by Lynda Weiman HOT (hands on training)  Our tech people
use it.  book is available at most major book stores

7.Check out Ed2Go and find the school in your area that will handle the
registration and payment. They have a class for DW3 and DW4 (depending
on which version you have) that give 12 lessons in 6 weeks. I still have
all my lessons and refer to the fat binder when I run into problems.

8.I only just saw this, but I have tutorials on my site at as well as a tutorial by me
on my forum. The books are rather difficult in that the first page is the
hardest to set up. That's if you need to FTP them yourself.

9. A couple of speedy ways to learn it:
   a.  Get it and start using it.  (if you can pop for it or if someone
is buying it for you, get the whole Macromedia Suite-Dreamweaver,
Flash, Freehand, and Fireworks.  You'll use them all in one way or
another and there are plug-ins that use one program to make something
in another program and modify it in another program for use in the
fourth program.  It ties together better than the Adobe Suite for
Web/Graphic Design-you can get the whole suite for about $300 for
education prices through

   b. Check out Macromedia's site for Dreamweaver.  There's a great
users group area and tons of user-made plug ins to do nifty things to
your pages.

   c. Again, use it.  Just start building a site and use PeachPit Press'
book on Dreamweaver as a resource to answer questions.  The manual
itself is good (well, ok), but the Peachpit series is incredible.
They also have a set of the Peachpit Manuals for all 4 books in the
suite for about $50.00 instead of 20 each.  Again, you can get it at

Melinda Miller-Widrick, LMS Early Primary-12
Colton-Pierrepont Central School
Colton, NY 13625

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