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    I teach Bus Ed in HS in a computer lab.  Previously I was a computer =
tech in this school system & had a mission to prevent all game playing =
on school computers.  However, in reality, this is a nightmare to =
control. =20
    In the classroom I have lightened up.  My approach is give and take. =
 I preach common sense, work before play, & recognize these ARE =
teenagers.  By giving them some leaway, they respect me more, and for =
the most part abide by my philosophy.  There are those errant few, and I =
simply approach them and firmly instruct them to redirect their activity =
at the expense of having to log out or lose privileges (see next =
paragraph <G>).  I might add that I do believe in intellectual freedom & =
independence.  Most of my students do not have computers at home, & =
heavens knows I've been known to play games at home.  I want them to =
feel comfortable with computers & learn to use them appropriately. =20
    Here are my rules: =20
    For purposes of protecting bandwidth (and I explain this), no online =
video streaming, downloading music, playing music over the internet, or =
downloading games, and no e-mail. =20
    Of course no vulgar sites (I did have a bad experience with an STD =
site last week). =20
    I do allow them to listen to music CDs with the headphones, but no =
home-made (burned) CDs are allowed.  This gives me quite a bit of =
    Internet games are allowed only when work is finished, and only WITH =
MY VERBAL CONSENT.  Bear in mind we are on block schedule--90 minute =
periods, and I teach Computer Apps & Keyboarding.  I have some preferred =
game sites, like Funbrain where I also do Internet Quizzes, but they =
also like Candystand (Lifesavers) pool.  This prevents alot of the =
sneaky stuff because they know I'm not going to flip out & it puts them =
in the position to talking to me about what they are going to be doing.
    Next year I will be a 1st year Media Specialist in an elementary =
school, so I expect to modify these guidelines. =20
    If I were going to be doing this next year in Bus Ed,  I would =
change a couple of things.  I would consider having parental approval =
for each CD they can play, mostly to prevent all the CD exchange & =
borrowing that takes place, although this hasn't presented any problems =
other than it can be annoying.  I would also come up with a large list =
of acceptable/preferred sites.  Let me add, my classes are well-behaved, =
although I am sure there is something to the fact they are "engaged" =
while in my class.
    Just some food for thought.  We all have to figure out what works =
best for each of us.

Sue Fox
Bus Ed Teacher, Jackson High School
ELMT Student, GA St Univ.
Jackson, Georgia


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