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Dear all-
I had several requests for the answer to copying WAV files to Powerpoint, so
I'll tell you what we did - finally!  Our Tech person agreed with me that perhaps
I was missing some software which allowed me to directly copy from a CD, so
we looked at shareware, found something that looked good, downloaded it (20
minutes!!!) then couldn't get it to work, even with 15 pages of directions.
We finally asked the band director if he had any ideas- he uses a program called
CakeWalk for audio editing.  He suggested that we simply copy the track from
the CD to the hard drive of the Tech guy's laptop as an MP3, send it to me as
an audio file, then attach it to the powerpoint by clicking on Slide show,opening
a text box on your slide, then click on Action settings.  Click on hyperlink
to, the look for Other File...Once you've chosen the source for your audio,
click OK.  That should do the trick!  It worked here, and I am very pleased.
Hope this helps, or at least gets you going in the right direction.

Paula Shipley du Feu
Library Director
Gulliver Academy
Coral Gables, FL

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