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Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on your viewpoint), some of us don't
have the opportunity to make this decision. Sometimes it's a building or
district level mandate that one must follow. I know of a district that
banned all but educational games when it became a PR problem because parents
and community members didn't see playing games on the computers as a good
use of equipment  purchased with their tax dollars.

Even if I had the ability to make this decision in my building, I wouldn't
allow games on the library computers because they monopolize desktops and
bandwidth for online games. The first year I was at this school, I spent a
lot of time policing games, but now that students know the expectations
(here and in the computer labs), I rarely see students attempting to play
games. During that first year, I sometimes had three or four desktops taken
up with playing the same online game together. To do this, students had to
change the configuration to allow sharing with other machines which our
district techs frown on. I assume because that makes it a security risk....

At any rate, my two cents are that we should avoid making absolutes in our
messages to one another. My circumstances may be very different from yours.
Being told that the way they handle things is wrong, wrong, wrong only
serves to upset people unnecessarily.....

Happy Friday, :)

Julie Anderson, Librarian
Liberty High School, Renton, WA       425.837.4901

"Fiction is a lie about the truth." Jane Chambers

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