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In case anyone is interested in locating plays for students to read/perform,
here's my compiled list of responses...

My original question:

Hello, all

Here's a tough one.... I think...!

A teacher at my school has asked me for plays her 6th-grade LD students can
read in class. They are reading at about a 4th-grade level, so that's the
approximate reading level we're looking for. She would like the plays to be
on topics that they can relate to, like sibling rivalry, etc.

As a new media specialist, I'm not quite sure where to begin looking. I did a
search on our online card catalog using "plays" in the subject field, but the
results were mostly fiction stories where the characters were involved with a
play. Maybe you all know of a source or even the names of some plays she can

I'll compile & post (compost?) responses to the list! TIA!

Rita Mayer
Media Specialist / LMS Grad Student
Biscayne Gardens Elementary
Miami, Florida USA


Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing comes to mind.
Your best bet is to go online and search BIP, which I don't have actually.

I know on SIRS (KidsDiscover) I have found a play, so you might try there
too. Alos, at our public library the children's librarian has several books
with plays for children in that are labeled "multicultura", but that catalog
is not online, so I don;t have time to look it up.

Here are some other suggestions:

The Big Book of Folktale Plays : One-Act Adaptations of Folktales from
Around the World, for Stage and Puppet Performance
by Sylvia E. Kamerman (Editor), Sylvia Burack (Editor)

Theatre for Young Audiences : 20 Great Plays for Children
by Coleman A. Jennings (Editor), Maurice Sendak



Hi, I like to use Reader's Theatre for kids to practice their reading
skills. They are usually not too long and there are no props or scenery to
worry about.  The kids always seem to enjoy doing them.  Aaron Shepard's web
site has some that can be downloaded.



Sorry I don't have any specific plays to list but I had to do a similar
search - I used  and used the search terms "script"
and children or kids



You might try Plays magazine.


You might check out some counseling materials for "problem-based" plays.


Rita - In Iowa we have access to EBSCO an online databases at all
schools.  In the elementary and middle school collection they have the
magazine Plays.  They are written at 3-5th grade reading level with some
being junior high interest level.  neat souce if you can get at it.
heres a link to the magazine outside the online database.


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