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Luring administrators on a cruise would be a great idea....they'd be
trapped!  No jumping ship (figuratively or literally)....Then we could spend
between 3-7 days teaching them the importance of libraries!  But not without
some help....

As entertainment on the cruise, I suggest that on the first day we hire a
hypnotist (group hypnotist would be ideal), who would put the entire
administrative group "under".  Key words spoken from that point on (such as
"library," "librarian,"  "Information Power Standards," and "ALA") would be
immediate cues for the administrator to adamantly support (through words or
actions), the library media center, the program and / or the librarian.

Each librarian would then be paired with their administrator to begin
advanced training throughout the cruise. Requests for funding, situational
problems, professional importance, and the library's importance within the
school would then be addressed.   Additional hypnosis can take place during
periods of mental fatigue, stress, irritability, or apathy on the part of
the administrator to any instruction given.

Those who could not be hypnotized would be "re-directed" into other areas of
professionalism that admire qualities of indifference, such as business,
international negotiations, politics....

Imagine...zombie administrators that can only admire libraries and the work
of the professional librarian!  (I see a movie and a book out of this idea!

*just kidding*

~Shonda Brisco
Trinity Valley MS / US Librarian
Fort Worth, TX

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