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Dear Friends,

Several people asked me to let them know what I found out about a wireless
network including a Macintosh and a non-Mac product for my home.

The components I needed were:

a wireless card for the non-Mac (I was able to purchase this at my local Mac
dealer and with some instruction from them was able to install it myself).
It is a Linksys wireless PCI card 2.4 GHZ 802.11b-$79

an airport card for my Mac--my Mac dealer installed this for free-$99-that
included some sort of adapter because the graphite desktop model I have
needed that.

an Airport Extreme-$199

My Mac dealer also cautioned me to have this network password protected. He
said if it wasn't someone might be able to access it. Actually he said he
could drive by my house with his laptop and access the network if it wasn't
password protected. Hmmmmmmmm.

The airport comes with software to configure the network

The wireless card came with software to configure it.

It really was not complicated and works great.

I am also able to use my school laptop at home with this network.

My college-age son is thrilled and so am I. We are not taking turns for the
computer this summer as in the past.

Have a great summer,

Barb Ehlers
Media Specialist
Wings Park Elementary
111 8th Ave NE
Oelwein, Iowa 50662

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