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One of the skills that I learned in my classes and that we spent
extensive time on was developing the reference interview. You need to
have knowledge of resources available ( usually because you yourself have
used them) in order to successfully complete this process. When I first
started on LMNET about four years ago there was a similar discussion
about questions from students. As a newbie I thought at first that the
"old timers" were being a little unfriendly but basically they were
asking that the students go through the process first and then tell where
they had looked before asking the group. As I've gone through the years I
have seen the same questions come up again and again and I can now
understand why people who have been on the list for awhile must shake
their heads and go " not again"!  I understand the temptation to just
post to the group and hope that someone else will have the answer but
that discussion made me do some looking before I asked questions and that
was helpful to me. Sometimes I found things that I could share with the
group. It was so exciting to find something great that could be shared
with others.

I understand what Linda is asking. This list is and should be a great
resource for personal narratives, for finding solutions to problems that
have been proven and used successfully by our peers, or those answers to
the questions that can't be found by doing a google search. It isn't
necessary to reinvent the wheel when looking for answers but  I might be
necessary to know what you are going to do with the wheel when you do
have it.

PS.The idea of having some sort of conference is appealing to me for one
really good reason-- I'm dying to see what everybody looks like-- I have
ideas in my head of what each person should look like and it would be fun
to see how far off I am! Now there's a real professional reason for a
Darlene Yasick
Media Specialist
Hopkins High School
Only the mediocre man is always at his best-- Somerset Maugham

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