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Well, I got the news today that it was either travel or teach 2 sections
of English along with my library. I'm staying put & teaching the
English. Don't know what level yet, but we're a 6 - 8 middle school. The
principal said he'd try to limit it to two classes, back-to-back, and
the same level.

What activities have you really enjoyed doing in conjunction with your
middle school English classes? I have several that I've done myself but
am looking at this with "wide-eyed wonder." I've not taught "regular"
classes since my practicum almost 30 years ago. Guess it's time to "put
my money where my mouth is." One thing I definitely want to do is read
to my classes. I'm looking at "Holes" & maybe Dahl's "Witches." Any
other suggestions? I will gratefully accept all input.

I'll post a hit if others are interested. Thanks

Sherry Blair, Librarian & English Teacher <g>
Sullivan Middle School
Kingsport TN
Sherry Blair
Anyone who has a library and a garden wants for nothing. -- Cicero

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