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I also don't consider using LM_NET to gather information about situations =
that may be encountered in the role of a professional a "scavenger hunt." =
I have files which document many of the situations to which a media =
specialist may need to respond, but none of them are published or =
available in any other way than through an interview or personal contact. =
I would consider them very valuable to a student who needs to obtain a =
range of materials to support a thesis on a topic.

It has been some time since I have limited my information gathering to the =
local library and moved on from there. The world is my library and I use =
the best sources of information, not those that are most readily available.=

I will continue to provide as much insight and information as I can to =
those students (K-adult) who consider me as one resouce in their search =
for information.

Gay Galles
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On Wednesday, July 2, 2003 9:30 AM, Linda Fox <lfox@GW.NERIC.ORG> wrote:
>The request by this student is a particular frustration to me. I am an
>adjunct instructor at the SUNY Albany School of Information Science &
>Policy. I also give my students assignments about materials challenges
>in schools. The class I teach is titled Administration of School Media
>Programs. The students are aspiring library media specialists. I am not
>against the personal interview as a form of information gathering.
>However all decent sized libraries have materials on this issue.  Before
>answering this question, as a librarian, I would ask this student "Where
>have you already looked?"
>As an instructor of future librarians, I expect my students to emulate
>a librarian and do an exhaustive search locally before going beyond the
>region to find information. Graduate level assignments and projects are
>not meant to be scavenger hunts. I would respectfully ask LM_Net members
>to refrain from providing information to library media students for
>their projects. Please don't do their homework for them. There is a lot
>to be said for students getting directly to the content without doing a
>search ( and we know that location skills are often on the bottom of the
>hierarchy). However, I do believe that there is a lot of learning in the
>search. You know, getting there is half the fun. Searching for resources
>themselves provides LMS students with an example of the frustration
>their students might feel one day, an opportunity to hone their location
>skills and finally, an awareness of the availability of local resources
>on a particular content area.
>BTW - this is not meant to be personally directed at the individual who
>posted the request. She has exhibited good management skills by
>delegating her work - to you!
>Thanks for letting me vent!
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