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Another cause celebre!  We are no longer educating
administrators, it's open season on MLS students.  What's
next, the custodial staff?  As a lateral entry Media
Specialist with a 4-5 hour round-trip commute each week to
take courses in librarianship, a mother in a nursing home
and other real life things to do like sleep occasionally, I
also was surprised by the somewhat abrasive responses to
this request.  Asking for guidance is not the same thing as
asking for "the answer".  Many of us out here in the real
(non academic) world are often unable to locate what we are
looking for and after a lengthy search may need additional
assistance from a professional.  Because of our schedules
we are often working way into the night on our assignments
and with few local resourses available in the middle of the
night, we ask for assistance where we can find it.  If we
can't ask for information (NOT answers) from other
librarians, who can we ask?  LM_NET is under the auspices
of ERIC or at leastthat is my understanding, and an
educational resource is an educational resource.  I have
learned so much from all of you in the past year and I
promise you that my students (K-5) have reaped the benefits
of it many, many times over. That's what I'm here to do.

Angela Wilcox
Media Specialist and MSL Student
I. Ellis Johnson Elementary School
Lauringburg, NC (A 2003 All American City Winner)
"I'm thinking, I'm thinking..."  Jack Benny

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