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The entire brouhaha surrounding this query to LM_Net highlights several important 
issues and assumptions common to many of our members, old and new.

1.  If you ask for information, tell us where you have ALREADY looked.  That will 
save everyone a lot of time, and also indicates that you are not just using this 
listserv as your primary resource.  This is true for all members, not just newbies 
or students.

2.  Everyone who joins LM_Net does it by choice, and most of us participate (e.g., 
read/respond) in our "free" time.  No one is forced to join, and no one is required 
to contribute.  We ALL have busy lives with many responsibilities; whether we are 
grad students, parents, caregivers, commuters, whatever.  That is neither an 
excuse, nor a reason for vindication.

3.  LM_Net is a sharing *community*; if you can't be civil, please be quiet.  If 
you really think that someone is being unreasonable -- and you feel that you must 
take them to task -- then do it *privately,* please, or ask the Hospitality 
committee to intervene.

Bottom line: think before you post, or respond.
Remember that you are demonstrating your own 'library' skills whenever you 
request/provide information; if you want to be considered a professional, please 
act like one.

Thank you.

Alice the occasional curmudgeon.

Alice Yucht, lifelong Teacher-Librarian
Information Skills/Library Management consultant

"Tact is the ability to tell a person to go to Hell in such a way that he or she 
goes home and packs, looking forward to the trip."
--Valeria D. Truitt

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