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Good for you... lots of fun things next year!  I have had a library club
for years.  I love it.  I have a K-6 elementary and my sixth graders are in
the club.  I have a library application I require them to fill out and turn
in by a certain date.  It is similar to a job application... references,
list skills they have they would make them good aides, reasons why they
want to be a library aide, etc.  I have found through experience that when
I accept applications after the cut off date that they turn out to be the
students that don't show up, etc.  So, now, I am pretty firm in not
accepting the applications after the cut off date.  After I get the
applications I set up interviews with the students.  I have never turned
anyone down who wants in the club... but I don't tell them that!!  Usually
I end up 15 - 20.  They work in the library on an assigned day once a
week.  Time that works best for me now is before school until after the
announcements.  Kids check in with teacher and them come to me.  School
starts  at 8:15 with student aids coming between 7:45 and 8:00 and staying
until 8:30. Some kids like to come during recess after lunch to help... I
have found it best to limit that to only being able to come on the day they
are assigned.  Not all will want to come during that time and it is not
required.... but I don't want all 15-20 of them showing up and using the
library for recess!  I have had that happen.

I have found that some will be tons of  help... others will be kids who
need you.  I do not restrict it to kids who are good readers or even kids
who like to read.  If they think hanging out in the library or hanging me
will be fun... that's good enough for me.  I do require a homeroom
teacher's signature and parent/ guardian signature on the library
application.  Occasionally I will have a teacher or parent remove a child
because of grades, but I don't make that part of the selection
process.  Enthusiasm is much more important to me.

Things we do...
*shelve books
*straighten shelves
*check books in and out
*help other students
*run errands
*help with reading promotions... during Children's Book Week the kids wrote
skits, cheers, poems and shared them with classes.

The last two years I have made a video with the library kids.

We have a party of some kind at the end... this year I had a breakfast at
the end of the year.

I love it.  I love the interaction with the kids... the one on one time I
get to spend with them.  They are never as much help as I want them to
be!  But they do keep me smiling.  Good luck!  I'll be happy to share my
application with you but it is on my computer at work and I'm at home.  Let
me know if you want me to send when school starts in August.

Nancy Bellwood, Librarian
River Trails Elementary, Ft. Worth, TX
Hurst Euless Bedford ISD

At 05:24 AM 7/3/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Summertime is the time when I start thinking about new and exciting =
>ideas for next year.  I am SO happy to be getting automated finally and =
>wonder how I will master the OPAC and my classes at the same time.  (I =
>am in a k/6 building, 34 classes a week, NO CLERK).  I am thinking of =
>starting a Library Club, with some student helpers.  I want this to be =
>an official group with set procedures and some structure.  Any ideas or =
>experiences to share???
>Roberta Ferris, Librarian
>Gardnertown Elementary School
>Newburgh, NY 12550
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