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The Library of Congress' Serial & Government Publications Division is
pleased to announce the release of a new addition to the National
Digital Library - the online collection The Stars and Stripes:  The
American Soldiers' Newspaper of World War I, 1918-1919, available on the
American Memory website at:

At the direction of General John J. Pershing, The Stars and Stripes
newspaper was published in France by the United States Army from
February 8, 1918 to June 13, 1919.  By early 1918, American forces were
dispersed throughout the western front, often mixed at the unit level
with British, French and Italian forces.  The primary mission of The
Stars and Stripes was to provide these scattered troops with a sense of
unity and an understanding of their part in the overall war effort.  The
eight-page weekly featured news from home, poetry, cartoons and sports
news, with a staff that included journalists Alexander Woollcott, Harold
Wallace Ross and Grantland Rice.  On borrowed printing presses, using a
delivery network that combined trains, automobiles (including three
Cadillacs) and one motorcycle, the staff produced a newspaper with a
circulation that peaked at 526,000 copies.  This new online collection
presents the complete run - 71 weeks - of the World War I edition.

The collection also includes special presentations that discuss the
newspaper's content:  its illustrations and advertising, its publication
of soldiers' poetry, its coverage of women.  Brief biographies of
editorial staff members and their later careers hint at the level of
journalistic talent within The Stars and Stripes.  A timeline and map
place the newspaper within the greater historical and geographical
context of the war.

The collection was processed with optical character recognition (OCR)
software to allow users to search the full text of the newspaper for a
word or phrase.  This feature expands the collection's usefulness to
historians and genealogists researching names and details that do not
appear in the headlines.  The Stars and Stripes collection served as a
pilot project in the development of search and display capabilities to
be utilized on future releases of historic newspapers.

Please direct all general inquiries to:

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