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I think we need to remember with size and scope of our list ("..over
14,400 subscribers from at least 64 countries") that we will have a huge
range of skills, capabilities, backgrounds, and interests.

As a couple of students pointed out, many of our members may not have
real access to a large local library (academic or public). Perhaps there
was a piece of the assignment missing or an assumption of information or
skills that was inaccurate. And any of those reasons, and we get an
ill-formed request; Just like we do everyday at school from students,
teachers. and administrators.

Those of us who were hooking 9600 modems to AppleIIs to access
LexisNexus wind up bookmarking rubrics sites posted by MLS students....

(and I'd be embarrassed to mention how long it took me to figure out
that our archives default to exact phrase {resources AND book AND
challenge =181 hits  resources challenge=0} or that it works with
natural language)

Robert Eiffert, Media Specialist
Pacific Middle School
Evergreen SD, Vancouver Washington

> > what would be the difference in asking a librarian for help in a
> > library or asking a librarian for help online?
> >
> > kate :)
> >
> There should be no difference in whether the librarian asked for
> assistance is real or virtual.  My only problem with answering the
> question for the original poster is similar to what Linda Fox
> expressed in her response.  If she is asking us for help now, and we
> give it to her, bypassing her need to learn how to find that
> information, what will she do when she is at the library desk and
> someone comes to her, expecting help.  If she is to become the expert,

> she needs to learn to do these relatively straightforward searches for

> herself...... Etc.....

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