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From: Christine Clark []
Sent: Friday, July 04, 2003 5:44 PM
Subject: GEN: Teaching in NC


For a variety of reasons, a friend of mine and I are considering relocating
our families to North Carolina.  She is a newly certified elementary teacher
and I have a permanent certification in elementary and library. I have 4
years experience and she has subbed for the past 6 months in various
positions. Both of our spouses feel the economic opportunities in NC are
better than here in New York. We both have children going into 3rd and 6th

If you are currently working in NC, could you share your thoughts about the
state of education down there.  Here in NY it is not especially high on the
governor's priority list and I am in fear of my job every year come budget

I am aware of several library and elementary vacancies in Charlotte and
Robeson counties.  We are thinking of taking a few days to come down and
check things out. What are the most family friendly communities?

I haven't relocated to new place since I was in the Air Force and had no say
about where I would go.  The idea of packing up going to new place is kind
of daunting.  Any information you could share would be appreciated.

Thanks, so much!

Christine Clark, LMS

Trinity Catholic School, K-6

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