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I'm working on a book order and wanted to get it out in a couple of days
(online).  I'm not going to be able to go to school this week to pull
journals for review, so I'm looking online for some of the latest Science
Fiction and Fantasy novels for middle school and high school students.

If there are some "outstanding" new novels that your students have enjoyed
this past year (or if you know of a series continuation that may have been
added recently or just this summer), would you mind sending me the title and
author's name?

I have already purchased over a $1000 worth of classic updates, as well as
some of the latest contemporary "problem novels" from local bookstores, but
I have not spent a lot of time updating my SF / F, even though these are
probably the genre being read the most.  (I think I'm intimidated by them
for some reason...although once I start reading one, I'm hooked for the
entire series!)  By the way, I do have 4 copies of HP5, so that's taken care
of...just looking for additional series or titles.

You may reply to me personally.  If anyone is interested in the complete
list of titles that are "hot, I will compile a list.


~Shonda Brisco
Trinity Valley MS / US Librarian
Fort Worth, TX

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