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Lynn Autry wrote:
> Has anyone ever lost their entire library data?  Today our server died and
> according to the district technology people, the backup tape was corrupt.
> It appears not only  that we have lost the entire Follett library program
> and data but our school's email and other programs on the server as well.
> This wasn't Friday the 13th was it?  Anyway, tomorrow I will know exactly
> how bad everything is.  I am being told though that it's BAD! My question
> is, has anyone ever experienced this before and if so, what plan of action
> do you suggest.  There is no other backup.  There are no shelf list cards.
> Everything was on the server.  Our immediate plan is to limit checkout (we
> don't even know what books we have checked out now) and to use check-out
> cards.  Fortunately there are some of those still around. It is going to be

If you are part of _any_ consortium (like a state-wide catalog database)
you may be able to retrieve your MARC records by working with the
company that hosts the catalog.

If you use a service like Marcive perhaps they keep copies of every
record you receive from them (Marcive does). While that probably won't
be your entire collection at least it would be that many fewer that you
have to do over.

One thing you need to consider: Does it really matter if your new
records have the same barcode number as the old one, or can you simply
assign new numbers and print new labels? Printing new labels is the
fastest right now, but will take some time to actually apply them to the
correct material.

As for the backups, you don't have to have any fancy software or
hardware. Just copy the files from your server to your local workstation
- or any other workstation - that has a large enough hard drive.
   Easiest is to copy every file, which uses the most hard drive space,
and has the advantage of getting both the data and the program software.
   Next best is to copy just the data files, which uses less hard drive
space, but doesn't not save your program software to use in the worst
case scenario you now face. And you either have to know all the
filenames that need copying or you need to write a batch file that
includes all the filenames that need copying).

I feel your pain. I lost an entire accession record book back in the
dark ages before computers, but was able to rebuild it from my
shelf-list cards.

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