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Thank you so much for sharing your favorite web sites. I received many =
responses and several duplicate websites.  Enjoy.  It is the homework center =
from Multomah County Library, and my 8 & 9th grade students use it =
often.  It is also my startup page for internet.  Everything I =
need starts there and the links for reference can't be beat.  It is =
one-stop-shopping for searching and reference on oh-so-many subjects great source for books in print

 I have a page on my own website that supports this theme of "website of =
the day" which lives at .... but then I'd be being biased ;-) social studies--all the facts you =
ever would need on all countries of the world great website for step by step =
directions for high school and college to writing a research paper  the fine art search engine--you can view =
artists and their work, even which museums in the world have their art

Take a look at my Teacher Resources page. It has several good web sites. =

Here's my all-time-favorite:  click on Table =
of Contents to enter. It's the greatest site, tons and tons of other =
links. We use it all the time here and not just for history. Great resources for teachers

Not quite honest to say that it's my favorite, since I have lots of =
"favorites", but here's one: = Favorite because: -you =
can find sites on almost any topic -all of the topics are interesting to =
students since they were chosen by students -it's amazing to see what =
kids can do - and great for kids to see what other kids have done -all =
of the sites have bibliographies so you know where the information came =
from (as opposed to many adult-created Web sites!) My favorite part of =
this favorite Web site is to go to the winners from each
year. It is amazing to see the beautiful Web sites these kids have =
created! (click on the red "here" in the first paragraph) There's something here for =
everyone--students, teachers, parents.  Teachers will find such helpful =
tools as puzzle makers, lesson planner, quiz makers, worksheet =
generators and Kathy Schrock's site which is excellent.

Here's my favorite website  Books 'n' Bytes =
-->Your home for Mystery, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Authors! Since it =
deals with my 3 favorite genres of literature, it's sort of my home away =
from home when I'm reading for my pleasure.  It also is great in that it =
lists titles in order of publication so it's easier to keep track or =
series information.

When I did a workshop for elementary teachers, I did this simple web =
page The teachers really liked it and =
they all explored the suggested web sites that way.

I have recently discovered .  This is a =
really great site with tons of lesson ideas and MANY free printable.  I =
could ramble on about all it has to offer, for all grades, but you'd be =
best served by checking it out yourself.

If it's all the teachers, the sped folks especially may be interested in = - especially the "for teachers" section.=20 You can create puzzles and worksheets here. I think by far the most beneficial website is =
MiddleWeb:  In addition to TONS of resources, I belong to two different =
listservs, the "regular" one, and a special one that is devoted to =
writing workshop.  (Last year, that one was reading workshop).  From =
time to time we have special book chats, too. This is my favorite.  What I =
really like, is the fact that you can search the site in a number of =
different ways and that you can sign up for a newsletter that gets =
mailed once a week.  The newsletter
highlights some new sites that have been added.  It's very good.

Nancy O'Donnell
Library Media Specialist
Hoover Middle School
249 Thorncliff Rd.
Buffalo, New York 14223

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