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I am not sure if this is what Taliah is looking for but Anne suggested
posting this to the list. I saved this from a posting on LM_Net some time
ago. The poems are from Jack Prelutsky's books A Pizza the Size of the Sun
and Tyrannosaurus Was a Beast and someone named Kathy had put them to various
tunes. Apologies for not having more detailed information but here is the

Tyrannosaurus:  Mary had a little lamb
Brachiosaurus:  On top of Old Smokey
Leptopterygius:  The streets of Laredo
Stegosaurus:  When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Dinonychus:  Grandfather's Clock
Ankylosaurus:  99 bottles of beer on the wall
Diplodocus:  Pop Goes the Weasel
Coelophysis:  Yankee Doodle
Triceratops:  Solomon Levi
Corythosaurus:  Skip to My Lou
Allosaurus:  Row, row, row your boat
Iguanadon:  O Christmas Tree
Quetzacoatlus:  The daring young man on the flying trapeze
Seismosaurus:  Twinkle twinkle little star

My ideas from _A Pizza the Size of the Sun_:
Eyeballs for Sale:  Hush little baby
My Elephant is Different:  Oh Susanna or Go Tell it on the Mountain
The Puppy Made off with my Slippers:  Red River Valley
A Frog, A Stick:  Tell Me Why
A Fine Head of Lettuce:  There's a Hole in the Bucket
A Pizza the Size of the Sun:  On Top of Old Smokey
Miss Misinformation:  Yankee Doodle
Oh Mother, I Am Blue Today:  Amazing Grace
News Brief:  Clementine
A Pelican:  The Streets of Laredo
K. C. O'Fleer:  Home on the Range
Hurry Grandma Hurry:  I've been working on the railroad

It was also mentioned that many of his poems could be sung to Battle Hymn of
the Republic.

Laura Manthey, Library
Alta Vista School
Los Gatos, CA

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