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Many of you have written to ask me which newspapers in your area have the
Mini Page and how to get the Mini Page if your newspaper doesn't offer it.
I contacted the Mini Page folks and they gave me permission to post the
following information:

"The way to request that newspapers carry the feature is to call the
Features Dept. of the specific newspaper. It's amazing the influence even a
few calls can have on the decision-making process of editors. The Universal
Press Syndicate salespeople call on every newspaper in the country, so
editors are aware of The Mini Page."

So, if you AND several teachers and other subscribers contact your local
newspaper, the newspaper is more likely to consider adding it. You do need
to subscribe to the paper OR purchase the paper on the day it is offered in
order to get the Mini Page supplement.

Usually it comes as a separate page with some color, but some newspapers
print it in a smaller version all on one side in black & white, in the
regular newspaper.

The Mini Page also offers an e-mail based update on the coming features
with lesson ideas based on the education standards. Contact the Mini Page
rep at: <> and request to be added to the NIE Update
service.  You will receive several issues at a time so you can plan ahead.
Here is a sample of what the updates look like:

NIE Update for The Mini Page
Issue l0
March l-7, 2003
Your Newspaper ... a Treasure Chest of Ideas and Examples

We celebrate NIE Week with activities kids can do with their local
newspaper and also with The Mini Page. These activities encourage writing
-- and writing, in turn, encourages reading.

Issue ll
March 8-14
Happy Birthday Fish and Wildlife Service

We celebrate the l00th birthday of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service with
a story about how the service started and where the wildlife refuges are.
We also have some animal tracks and animal

Standards Spotlight:

Mini Page activities meet many state and national educational standards.
week we identify standards that relate to The Mini Page's content and offer
activities that will help your students reach them.

Protecting Our Wildlife -- Issue 11 -- March 8-14, 2003

This week's standards:
* Students understand the distribution and patterns of ecosystems.
(Geography: Physical Systems)
* Students describe varying land forms and geographic features and explain
their relationship
within the ecosystem. (Social Studies: People, Places and Environment)

1. Make a set of trading cards for animals native to your area. Draw a
picture of the animal on
the front of the card. Write three facts about the animal on the back of
the card.
2. Describe an area near you that could become a wildlife refuge. What is
the land like? What
plants and animals would you find in your refuge?
3. Select a wildlife refuge you would like to visit from those shown in
today's Mini Page. Use
the newspaper to find clothing and equipment you would need to visit that
refuge. Explain
your choices.
4. Read about the different animals that live in wildlife refuges. Then
draw three large circles
on a piece of paper. In one of the circles, list the names of animals that
live on land in
refuges. In another circle, write the names of animals that live in or near
the water in
refuges. In the third circle, write the names of animals that live on the
land and in the sky
in refuges.
5. Use reference books and the Internet to learn more about wildlife
refuges. Select one wildlife
refuge to investigate. Use these questions to guide your research: Where is
the refuge
located? What is the physical environment of the refuge? What plants and
animals would
you find there? When did the area become a wildlife refuge? What was the
reason for
selecting this refuge? Why do you think it's important to have this
particular refuge?
(standards by Dr. Sherrye D. Garrett, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi)

Joanne Ladewig, Library Aide (A.K.A. "Library Lady")
Lawrence Elementary, G.G.U.S.D.
Garden Grove, California
---comments are my own and may not reflect those of my employer- - -

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