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Well, may i say what a difference a day, or a weekend can make.

I was off Friday and when I returned to work today, I was amazed when less than 30 
kids came into the library after school.

It seems that on Friday, my director and deputy director came out and personally 
cleared kids out of here.  Also, an officer is coming in each afternoon and 
sweeping the place with our city's drug & weapon sniffing dog.  As he does his 
sweep, he makes sure to announce that he will be back later for another sweep.  We 
were a "real library" today for the first time since this school year began.  I was 
told that, on Friday, as soon as the uniformed officer and dog appeared, dozens of 
kids left in quite a hurry, taking as circuitous a route around the animal as 

The kids stayed away today in droves.  The 20 to 30 who did come in, sat quietly, 
read, did homework, or spoke in whispers at the tables designated for quiet 

Amazing.  We are all in shock.  We had to ask less than 12 kids to leave today.  I 
did have 2 boys come in later.  They walked through my area using profanity.  I 
walked out to the main aisle, signaled our two police officers.  They demanded 
identification, took down their info, and escorted them out as they explained our 
new "Zero Tolerance Policy."

If they come in again this week, they will be arrested for trespassing.

We seem to be off to a good start.

Dawn M. Sardes
YA Librarian

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