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There have been dozens of responses between the Graphic
Novels in Libraries (GNLIB) and LM-NET listservs.  As usual,
the collective mind is soooo much better than my feeble few
neurons. ;-)

As many of you requested, I'll publish a HIT after a few
days, when the recommendations finally stop coming in.

Some of you have requested the title/author list of my first
~100 GN titles.  I'll post it this weekend when I have time
to break it into several smaller messages.

Thanks for everyone's recommendations.  My ESL, English and
Special Ed. friends are always impressed with the great
information that comes from this group.  Through LM_NET,
ED_TECH, GNLIB and other listservs, we collectively impact
so very many schools, students and teachers.


Tim O'Shaughnessy, LMS
Moline High School
Moline, IL. (remove antispam to reply)
"Show me a computer expert that gives a damn, and I'll show
you a librarian."
 Patricia Wilson Berger (Quoted in Chicago Tribune article,
29 June 1990, Tempo section, p. 1)

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