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Good morning,

I know that many of you have the same frustrations I have about how students
go about research---and are allowed by their teachers to do so.  I dealt with
one paper recently that the titles in the bibliography, which was not in any
way correctly done, were in German.  This was not a German class.  We don't
even teach German.  The sutdent doesn't speak German.  We seem to be focusing
on the end product rather than the process and so we get plagiarism.

The question is:

What do college librarians and/or college professors expect that incoming
freshmen can do in the way of research?  What would they like them to be able
to do?  Do they want them to know how to use databases such as EBSCO, Opposing
Viewpoints, etc.?  Do they want them to know how to use gateway sites?  Do
they what them to know about periodicals such as New Republic, Science, etc.,
etc. etc., or is CNN always acceptable?

I have done some research but have not found anything done recently.  I would
really like some ammunition from the colleges so that I can approach the
departments about working on the process of research rather than always
focusing on the end paper.

Again, there is always the possibility that I am out of step with reality!

Thanks for any input.  I will post a hit if I get some responses.

Sandy Carson, Librarian
Regis Jesuit High School
16300 E. Weaver Place
Aurora, CO 80016

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