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Sandy apparently the latest thing in plagiarizing papers is to get papers
from German sites and have Google or whatever translate it into English.
Teachers here heard kids discussing this in the hall ( or maybe they are
translating Eng to German and back to English again.) This might explain
one paper ( of the four I've looked at in the last few days which were
utterly and completely lifted from resources on the web. If they put even
half the effort into doing some actual research, they might even become
interested in their subject. We had two papers ( not sure if this was
bf/gf or not) The original printed out to 13 pages and bewteen the two
they used 11 pages- sort of divided the paper up but both used the same
last paragraph. ( This is a small schoo , only one Sr English teacher!
The sources were obviously ones that they couldn't find here although the
young man did actually list the original in his bibliography!  The girl's
paper had some few words change but it looked like it was done either
with a thesaurus or prehaps the the translating site. The new choices
didn't alway fit. My favorite was this - the study used three national
databases  - changed to--the study used three masses of information.
Anybody know how big a mass is? It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.
The teacher has a video that explains what plagiarism is, how to cite
sources etc. but it just doesn' seem to sink in.
Darlene Yasick
Media Specialist
Hopkins High School
Only the mediocre man is always at his best-- Somerset Maugham

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