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After reading many things about teachers not returning materials and what to
do about it, I'd like to share my experience.

I had one teacher who had checked out an Eyewitness book, along with several
others.  The Eyewitness book never came back.  I asked her several times
about it, but she always insisted she had returned it.  (Sounds like some
younger patrons I know.)  It never did return, and still isn't here.

Another teacher had checked out some books that our computer system said she
still had.  She said she thought she had returned them, but she would keep
checking.  When her class came over the next day, she had her check book out
ready to pay for them.  Before I ever accept money, I always check the
shelves one more time to make sure the books didn't slip by the check-in
procedure.  Hers had, and all were here.  Two totally different attitudes.

Do I charge teachers for unreturned materials?  No.  Do I do my best to get
them back?  Yes.  But, ultimately, it is the district taxpayers and their
children who lose when teachers don't return stuff.  I also believe that
often they really do think they've returned stuff.  If they check out
bunches of books for their classes to use, and then don't keep track of who
has what in the classroom, stuff can get lost.  No, I don't like it, but why
would we expect adult populations to have any different track records than
kids.  I always lose a few books each year that kids never return.  Adults
are no different.Just my opinion.

Janet Perry, Librarian
Cerro Gordo CUSD 100, Cerro Gordo, IL

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