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I received an AVALANCHE of (over 30)responses and a variety of answers!
Most agreed it was an Aesop fable, but one person indicated it is also an
old Ukrainian folk tale. There are probably many variations in folklore,
but Aesop probably goes back the farthest. I was going to list everyone's
response but since there was a lot of overlap, I'm just posting the
responses that summarized and/or gave websites, or something unique.
However, I do want to THANK EACH OF YOU even if your name was not listed!
THANKS!!!!! :) :) :)
-Joanne Ladewig

The story your friend wants is a fable by Aesop--The Wind and The Sun.
Jean de la Fontaine also did a version of it--The North Wind And The
Sun. The story should be available in many Aesop collections. Brian
Wildsmith did a stand-alone picture book of the LaFontaine fable some
years ago. It is now out of print, but may be available via interlibrary

Elaine Knight
District Librarian
Amazon lists it as  out of
print, with some availability in used copies.

Irene Schlarb

According to this site, it is from an Aesop's fable.

Peggy Owens
School Library Media Specialist
This site has it as an Aesop's fable

Denise Both
(also sent by Rosemary McCarthy)
I have this story in a fable collection called: Seven Fables from AESOP,
retold and illustrated by R.W. Alley.
Loraine Hotoke
Liholiho Elementary

  I have it as a fable by La Fontaine, the French fabulist, in an edition
illustrated by Brian Wildsmith.
Joanne Proctor, Librarian
(Note: I didn't know what a fabulist was, so I looked it up - it's an
inventor of fables (from a French word). And the next word in my dictionary
is: fabulous!

It's meaning is "belonging to the realm of fable; extraordinary" - I didn't
realize there was a connection between fables and fabulous - now I do! :)
Special thanks to Joanne Proctor for our new vocabulary word! (Or did
everyone know this one except me?! <wink!> -Joanne Ladewig
It's an Aesop fable. It is in the version illustrated by Arnold Lobel, I am
almost positive.
(no signature)
Also an old basal Houghton Mifflin from the 70s or 80s.
Leslie Greaves Radloff
Librarian / Media Specialist

Again, THANKS to all! You are FABULOUS!!!

Joanne Ladewig,  Library Media Technician  (A.K.A. "Library Lady")

Lawrence Elementary, GGUSD   Garden Grove, California

 " You may be only one person in the world,  but you may also be the world
to one person."
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