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 Here is some information that I received regarding "reading specialists"
listserves.  However,  my idea of a reading specialist and what these lists
contain are very different.  Initially my request for a reading specialist
was focusing more on those individuals who specialize in helping students
with reading difficulties (perhaps a diagnostician would have been a better
term).  However, here are some great lists to monitor:

Child Lit is a huge national discussion list. (A great "second" list to corresponds wonderfully to the LM_NET list.  This group mirrors us
in many ways and yet they seem to "lack" some information seeking skills
that the experts on LM_NET have!)

The National Council of Teachers' of English has several websites that
relate to reading and literature.  Here are some of the resources:  Choose your poison!

I have monitored the Child_Lit, as well as the NCTE (K-6, Middle and Upper)
lists this past week.  I am both amazed and proud of the English teachers
out there who are actively using YA and children's literature in their
classes.  The interesting thing that was noted was that there were questions
regarding "circulations" of specific books that no one could answer (because
librarians aren't monitoring???).  I did offer some information, advice,
lists, suggestions, and additional materials for some questions asked;
however, I don't know if they felt that I was invading / snooping or if I
was sincerely offering help.  I did get responses to some questions and I
felt right at home with the arguments that developed---and you think  WE
have problems!!  (It was like visiting your best friend's house and hearing
THEIR parents argue!!)

If you would like to learn how "the other half" is actively using YOUR
library's books, sign up!  (My favorite list is the CHILD_LIT because these
individuals DO talk about books and they are active users of materials.)
They also seem to be about two weeks behind the "hot topics" than we
are....perhaps they hang around their favorite librarians who "fill them in"
on topics and then they "run to the computer" to tell their teacher-friends.

Have fun!

~Shonda Brisco
Trinity Valley MS / US Librarian
Fort Worth, TX

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