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For an upcoming inservice in conjunction with our school improvement
process I am looking for a couple of good articles covering some specific=

ideas. These will be used a jigsaw sort of starters for some small groups=
. =

We have EBSCO Host which I used to search ERIC and their professional
collection. I also used "AskEric", GEM - Gateway to educational materials=
the U.S. Dept of Educations site, and some of the organizational sites su=
as Nation Association for Secondary School Principals, Kapan etc.  Howeve=
we are not completely satisfied with what we have. I am hoping that someo=
has an idea or location for something else.

What we are look in for;

Problem Based Learning - how to design or write or create some problem
opportunities on a small scale in curricular areas.
(We have had the best luck with this one so far but the articles we found=

all cover long term student projects and mostly at Elementary or Middle
School level)

Peer Mentors for teachers specifically related to problem solving in
curriclular areas
(There is loads on Peer Mentoring for students, or for new teachers but n=
on helping with problem solving in the curriculum)

Creating a "tool kit" for problem solving. (By this we mean creating a se=
of "tools" that teachers and students can access in the problem solving
process - graphic organizers, charts, flow charts etc ) =

(For this we have been unable to find anything.)

The School SIP Co-Chairs (one of which is me) would be eternally grateful=

for any help you could give.
Deborah J. Stafford
Gen. H.H. Arnold High School
Wiesbaden Germany
now proudly on the web at

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