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This thread always pops up around this time of year.   Many of my teachers
checkout upwards of 200 books for their classroom libraries and come the end
of the year, some turn up missing.  It would never occur to me to charge them
for the books since it's most likely the kids have taken them (my school is
low income and some kids have very fuzzy concept of what's mine and what
isn't).  In fact if I did charge them they would stop checking out books
which would rather defeat the purpose of the library in the first place.
We're supposed to connect children and books....and most of the times the
books come back but every now and then they don't.

I just mark them as lost and move on.  I've been at the school 12 years and
only once have I asked my principal to hold a paycheck (standard policy in my
district - no end of year paycheck till all textbooks, equipment etc is
accounted for).  In that particular case it was very apparent from the list
of titles that the teacher - who wasn't returning in the fall - was building
herself a personal library at our expense.

Guusje Moore
Housman Elementary School
Houston TX

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